Silver Service Package

Silver: $140
Wheels, Brakes, Gears, Bearings.

Local Regina Area Only

Wheels: Adjust front and rear hub bearings, true front and rear wheels both radially and laterally as possible, check/adjust spoke tension as needed.

Drive Train: Check and or adjust derailleur limit screws, cable tension, height and angle of front and rear derailleurs. Align derailleur hanger.

Lubricate: Up to forty pivot points.

Loctite: Crank bolt, rotor bolts, loose hardware and loose rear suspension pivots.

Brakes: Adjust cable tension, adjust brake shoe height, angle and toe-in, and confirm center orientation.

Headset: Check for proper bearing adjustment, adjust as needed.

Bottom Bracket: Check for proper bearing adjustment, adjust as needed.

Tires: Flat repair/installation of front/rear tire. Fill tires to maximum stated air pressure.

General: Check/adjust/tighten; stem, handlebar, seat controls, seatpost, controls and crank arms. Installation of most parts as needed. (fork, bottom bracket, headset installations not included). All accessories installed as needed.

Shop supplies, parts, and taxes are extra.