Titanium Service Package

Titanium: $315
Full Overhaul.

Local Regina Area Only

Bike Prep: Face bottom bracket shell, tap bottom bracket threads if necessary. Face and ream head tube if necessary. Tap derailleur hanger and water bottle braze ons.

Frame: Clean and inspect for fatigue damage, check and adjust fork

Wheels: Clean and inspect hub parts, regrease, install new ball bearings and parts as required, adjust. True front and rear wheels both radially and laterally as possible. Check and adjust spoke tension as necessary.

Drive Train: Clean bottom bracket and drive train parts. Inspect for wear, regrease, reassemble, and adjust with new ball bearings and parts as required. Lubricate chain and pivot points of derailleurs and lube or replace gear cables where necessary.

Brakes: Clean pivots and regrease or lube. Adjust cable and spring tension, brake shoe height, brake shoe toe-in and set center orientation. Lube or replace brake cables where required.

Loctite: Crank bolts, rotor bolts, caliper bolts, loose hardware, headset cups, driveside bottom bracket cup, loose rear suspension pivot hardware.

General: Check/adjust/tighten the stem, handlebar, seat, seatpost, controls, and crankarms.

Installations: All parts and accessories.

Shop supplies, parts, and taxes are extra.